Thank you!

First, a huge THANK YOU to the businesses and individuals who received a letter from us saying we would not be soliciting prizes this year ... and then turned around and donated prizes!

  •  A Floral Affair 

  • Al & Esther Riccomini 

  • Because You Care

  • Bernie Connelly

  • Camboro Veterinary Hospital

  • Cathy Hutchison 

  • Cheri Vascovich, Chances

  • Deiss & Halmi Engineering

  • Earthshine

  • Edinboro Beverage 

  • Edinboro Chocolaterie 

  • Edinboro Hotel

  • Edinboro Industries 

  • Edinboro Outdoors 

  • Edward Jones 

  • Erin's Hair Garage 

  • Foulkrod & Associates

  • Hurry Hill Farms

  • Jo Tammariello

  • Lakeside Bagel & Deli

  • MacMorgan Jewellery 

  • Maloney Reed & Scarpitti

  • Mark Niswonger 

  • Pat Baker

  • R & S Sports 

  • Ray and Joan Dengel

  • Rick Wyman 

  • Rob Lowther 

  • Scotland Yards 

  • Sweet Spot 

Second, we'd like to thank all those who supported our programs for children by purchasing ducks in the race. At one time, we thought we would have to cancel the project, but once we came up with a safe hands-off way to do it, you all responded marvelously! We sold nearly1,400 ducks. Of those, 286 ducks were purchased for the General McLane Marching Band and Hermitage House Key Club.  Half of the proceeds will go to those students.

Last but not least ... we held the duck race at an unpublicized time and place.  All prizes will be mailed.

Here are the winners!

Melissa Abbott    
Vickie Abbott    
Anthony Arnt    
Flo Baker    
Pat Baker    
Steven Baker    
Timothy Barrall    
Jill Bashline    
Justin  Brasington    
Lisa Brinker    
Julie Campbell    
Brenda Cannell    
Laura Carter    
Bernie Connelly    
Amber Cook    
Marcie Coward    
Joan Dengel    
Patrick Dombrowski    
Donna Edmonds    
Anne Eisert    
Sharon Evans    
Beth Feeney    
Luray Fladd    
Tim Florek    
Jon Foulkrod    
Sarah  Foulkrod    

Gloria Furcron    
David Galentine    
Denise Gallagher    
Ryan Garofalo    
Sherry Garofalo    
Erin Geibel    
Randy Gorske    
Mary Hargenrater    
Margaret Harned    
Francis Hayden    
Deborah Hayes    
Cindra Hobbs    
Ann Hoover    
Leigh Ann Hornberger    
Zoe Howden    
John Huff    
Heidi Huntley    
Martha Jones    
Kathy Kehl    
Kristen Kento    
Ryan Kerr    
Kodrzycki & Son Masonry LLC    
Kendra Krieder    
Kelli Kulyk    
Patty Lasher    

Jill Lewis    
Rob Lowther    
Rose Lucas    
Amanda Mamani    
Allison   Marendt    
Steve McClune    
Terry McCray    
Amy McEldowney    
Danielle McLaughlin    
Linda Miller    
Autumn Morin    
Mary Rita Morris    
Lisa Nathanson    
Jeff Nelson    
Mark Niswonger    
Patty Niswonger    
Ashley Olson    
Sarah Olson    
Judi Pacileo    
Anita Parker    
Dorothy Paszko    
John Patterson    
Elaine Ruoff    
David Sawicki    
Roger Scarlett    

Aaralyn Selvam    
Anjali Selvam    
McKenna Serrano    
Edward Shields    
Heather Singleton    
Jason Spangenberg    
Maggi Stablein    
Janet Stachowiak    
Jami Strickland    
Lorrie Szablewski    
Jo Tammariello    
Carol Vago    
Cheri Vascovich    
Karen Wagner    
Cynthia Waldinger    
Carol Walker    
Mary Weidner    
Mary White    
Linda Wills    
Richard Wyman    
Cindy Yard    

Thanks to Jared Foulkrod, we have a great video of the entire race! Unfortunately, the file is too large to post on this page. Enjoy the video below of the beginning and the end of the race.

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