Teachers Honoring Teachers

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General McLane High School -- Brian Woodward

Nominated by:  Megan Green

Brian, as both a teacher and community member, has helped both of my children become better people. They both have talked about how much they were helped by being students in his classes. As a community member, Brian has helped my son get involved in community service with the Second Harvest Food Bank, which has changed/improved him as a person.

Parker Middle School -- Will White

Nominated by:  Karen Lerch

Mr. White always puts students first. Students know they can go to him for help, and he will drop whatever he is doing to ease their struggle. In addition, he is often the first one to volunteer to help a colleague in need.

Edinboro Elementary -- Jake Ferguson

Nominated by:  Michelle Androstic

This is Jake’s first year in our building, but it feels like he has been here forever! He always has a smile on his face and has made genuine connections with all 400 students so quickly. He gives 100% every day and has already had a positive impact on our school!

McKean Elementary -- Stephanie Sontag

Nominated by:  Filomena Mitchell

Stephanie is an essential member of our third grade team. She is always giving and supportive of the students and of her colleagues. She goes above and beyond to ensure a wonderful learning and working environment.

Nominated by:  Stefanie Johnson

Stephanie has been so supportive this year. She is always there when our team needs her and she is instrumental in helping to collaborate with and plan our weekly lesson plans. She is extremely helpful and deeply cares for her students.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work!