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Kiwanis Club of Edinboro - Membership Application


Membership offers you an opportunity to become personally acquainted with people of good standing in many vocations, with varied backgrounds and experiences.


The Club reaches out to attract members from the greater Edinboro community, people of high moral character and concern for human betterment. It offers its members personal growth through hearty fellowship and teamwork, plus the benefits of many strong friendships. Dues for current members are set at $135 a year ($262 for a married couple). The Kiwanis year runs October 1 through September 30.

Application fees are pro-rated:  (as of October 1, 2023)

October  -- $135.00

November  -- $125.00

December  --  $115.00

January  -- $106.00

February  -- $96.00

March  -- $86.00

April  -- $76.00

May  -- $67.00

June  -- $57.00

July  -- $47.00

August  -- $39.00

September  --  $28.00

Application fees can be submitted using PayPal:   

Before they can be accepted into the club, prospective members are required by Kiwanis International to provide reports of two security clearances. There is no charge for these clearances if you specify "volunteer."  If you already have the clearances, please provide a copy.  Thank you.

Criminal History --

Child Abuse History --

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