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2023Teachers Honoring Teachers

Congratulations to our May-June 2023 Winners

General McLane High School -- Ami Iaquinta

Nomination by Stephanie Masone:  Ami has warmly welcomed me and my students to the high school. She has made me feel like I'm a part of a team and included my students whenever she can. I've learned so much just from talking to her and watching her interact with her students and mine.

General McLane High School -- David Treusch

Nomination by Tanis Tuttle: David makes physics exciting and applies real world circumstances to establish the importance of learning physics. He engages the students to assist them in retention of the materials. More importantly, he encourages the students to come and see him multiple times for help when they don’t understand the material.

Parker Middle School -- Amanda Vickey

Nomination by Laura Barbarini:  Amanda goes above and beyond to support and enrich the middle school experience for all students. Beyond teaching her courses, she volunteers on different committees that serve all students at the middle school. She spends many hours outside of school planning activities that encourage our students to be their best selves and to coordinate functions that help to build lasting memories for everyone. Amanda is a rockstar!

Parker Middle School -- Brooke Irwin

Nomination by Scott Hutchison:  Brooke has a true teacher's heart. She cares about each individual student and is willing to do whatever it takes to understand and support each kid. She is an incredible teammate and shines positivity. We are lucky to have her because....SHE'S AWESOME!

Edinboro Elementary -- Ann Bortnick

Nomination by Michelle Kupczyk:  Ann comes to work every day with a smile. She works with students with learning disabilities and she does an amazing job with them all. She loves her job and it shows every day.

Edinboro Elementary -- Jake Ferguson

Nomination by Julie White:  Mr. Ferguson is ALWAYS calm and encouraging in every interaction with students or staff. He is a dedicated teacher who is committed to helping kids to be good people as well as being healthy and being good sports. Everything that Mr. Ferguson does contributes to a positive whole school environment.

McKean Elementary -- Jackie Wismer

Nomination by James Pete:  Jackie is an absolute warrior for her students. She fights tooth and nail to make sure every fourth grade student is loved and taken care of, while also providing them with a top-notch reading experience. She is an exemplary teacher, and fantastic mentor, and an even better person!

McKean Elementary -- Kara Debevec

Nomination by Brenda Gluvna:  Kara stands out as a teacher because of her efforts for her students. She goes above and beyond to advocate for them. She meets them where they are at and never gives up on them. She treats them as if they are her own. Any child would be beyond lucky to have her as a teacher!

Congratulations to our March-April 2023 Winners

General McLane High School -- Sarah Webb, Hannah Washek

Parker Middle School -- Dawn Johnson, Stephanie Fritts

Edinboro Elementary -- Julie White, Kelly Skelton

McKean Elementary -- Anna Rupert, Jill McGee

Congratulations to our February 2023 Winners

General McLane High School -- Betsy Weiss

Parker Middle School -- Amber McDowell

Edinboro Elementary -- Kaitlyn Pude

McKean Elementary -- Abby Newell

Congratulations to our January 2023 Winners

General McLane High School -- Ami Iaquinta

Parker Middle School -- William Moats

Edinboro Elementary -- Meghan Kennerknecht

McKean Elementary -- Jackie Wismer

Thank you for your dedication and hard work throughout the school year.

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